"We need always maintain personal anonymity at the level of press, radio, and films..." In 2013, the General Service Conference affirmed that the Internet, social media, and all forms of public communications are implicit in the short form of Tradition Eleven. 


“Our anonymity, like our sobriety, is a treasured possession. We ask the help of our guests—especially those representing the press or broadcasting media—in protecting the anonymity of all alcoholics present or mentioned here today.

“We hope you hear something at this meeting which you can take away with you and use. We respectfully request, however, that you eliminate any mention of names in reference to members of Alcoholics Anonymous.”

A further note about anonymity: out of respect for others, please do not take photographs during any of the meetings. Also, be considerate when taking photographs around convention venues. Take care that you do not capture images of A.A. members, family members, and friends who did not give permission and may not wish to appear in your pictures. Please do not post recognizable photos of identifiable A.A. members on websites accessible to the public, including unrestricted pages on social networking sites.

The spiritual life is not a theory ...

Why We Pay

South East Texas Area 67

Anonymity Statement

​​55th SETA Convention

January 20-22, 2017

There are many AA conferences around the world. One of the most common misconception of these gatherings is that they are AA meetings so there should be "no dues or fees" as per our Traditions. However, the SETA Convention and other Conferences are special events and not regular A.A. meetings.

 This conference requires months of planning, preparation and money to present. Since all of the events are held at a hotel, there is a charge to the Convention Committee for the use of these facilities. In addition, the hotel requires that we purchase all coffee from them. Other expenses include travel and lodging for speakers, printing costs, postage and supplies. The event is paid for through the cost of your registration. No baskets are passed.

 As responsible A.A. members "We pay our own way."